Monday, October 11, 2010

When You’re Four

  Come. Take a tour of my house. It has slowly been redecorated and transformed by the world famous interior designer, Miss Molly. Here’s a little look at what constitutes good home design when you’re four.

When you’re four, you thoughtfully place princess stickers throughout the house. Note the artistic angle used in the placement. A true eye for design.IMG_3534

When you’re four, you label  miscellaneous electronics with nametags, for no apparent reason. IMG_3526

When you’re four, you drive your mom nuts with the notes you tape to every wall of the house. Like this one, left next to my dresser.IMG_3537

When you’re four, your melt your Mom’s actual heart when  she realizes the note you taped on the wall was a hand cut heart with “MOM” written all over it (the note is still taped to my wall, by the way!)IMG_3540

When you’re four, Sleepy Bear becomes an accessory for the family room couch….IMG_3520

….and weeds become a decorative embellishment for your Sticky Mosaic jewelry box.


When you’re four and your mother tells you to hang your latest masterpiece on the refrigerator, you impress everyone with your ability to spell!IMG_3533

When you are four, mini pumpkins and squashes become a festive holiday display for your art table. Note the hand-decorated strips of paper strategically placed between each item. So stunning that even Martha Stuart would be envious.IMG_3530

When you are four, and you have a dad who gives you his horror show posable action figures, you initiate the Terminator as an honorary dwarf. You even let Sneezy hold his weapon of mass destruction. (Don’t even get me started on the inappropriateness of this, folks. But I must pick my battles.)IMG_3536

And I guess if the Terminator can be a dwarf, then Frankenstein can be Kai Lan’s daddy. (Sigh. Another toy from Dad’s collection.)IMG_3542

And when you are four, you don’t overlook a single detail. You decorate the inside of the fridge with your own little pot of soup and bowl of plastic strawberries.IMG_3543

Many of the interior decorations pictured in this post have already been removed. No need to worry though, as they have lovingly been replaced with some other equally splendid items. Come, visit, take a look. You’ll be amazed.

Yes, my house has been taken over by a four year old decorator. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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