Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 3: The Final Chapter

These Pumpkin Patch posts are kind of like one of those bad Halloween films, aren’t they? The first one was okay but then come all of the sequels. This is the last one. Promise.  You see, we are quickly approaching Halloween and then I will have numerous posts with Molly in her oh-so-cute costume, attending various Halloween functions. Yep, more sequels!

This pumpkin patch visit finds us on a field trip with Molly’s preschool class. I use the term field trip loosely because in order for her to attend, I had to drive her there, supervise her, and then drive her home. Correct me if I am wrong but aren’t you supposed to ride on a bus and be supervised by teachers on a field trip?

Anyway, call it what you will, we ended up at the pumpkin patch with lots of screaming precious four-year-olds and their stressed out dedicated mothers, who didn’t mind one bit that they had to give up their precious 2 1/2 hours of alone time to visit the pumpkin patch for the third time.

Okay, Okay. Sarcasm aside, it really was an enjoyable morning. I got to see Molly socialize and interact in her school mode. Teachers, friends, big groups. It’s always interesting to see how grown up my baby is getting.

Kate, Brooklyn and Molly with their new friend Jack. Normally Molly wouldn't get within 10 feet of this pumpkin. Too scary. Amazing what a little peer pressure role modeling will do for you.IMG_3541

Having fun in the hay maze.IMG_3543

Me and my sweet girl. Notice anything different? I cut 10 inches off my hair!!!IMG_3545

Molly  loves her teachers. Here she is holding hands with both of them at once. She was in preschooler heaven. So much attention paid to her by her teachers. Me? I was chopped liver. Left in the dust. Kicked to the curb.That’s okay. It was exciting to see Molly leave my side and branch out on her own.IMG_3550

Molly thinks that donkeys stink. I have to agree.IMG_3555

Here’s  another picture of  Molly and  me simply because I am still so amazed to see myself with short hair.  IMG_3560

Let the hayride begin!IMG_3561

Molly trying to figure out why the heck she is at the pumpkin patch yet again. IMG_3566

Picking perfect pumpkins for Daddy to carve because she knows full well that Mommy does not do pumpkin slime.IMG_3582IMG_3584

  The class picture. Aren’t they sweet?!!IMG_3628

Heading into the corn maze.IMG_3631

20 minutes later, after hitting multiple  dead ends, we lifted the caution tape and took a short cut out of the maze. Believe me, finding your way out is much harder than it looks. We started to feel like we were in a bad Steven King film. IMG_3632

Molly put together this festive Halloween display when we got home and then instructed me to take a picture for the blog. IMG_3634 So here you go, sweet baby girl. It’s on the blog.

Happy Halloween and please, no more pumpkin patches!


Susan said...

Awe, these photos are so sweet! And Molly is so lucky to pick her own pumpkin... I had to settle with one picked out of a basket at the market! LOL.

Michelle said...

Well, you were in a field..maybe that's why it was called a "field" trip. lol. Like the new do!