Thursday, October 14, 2010

Laughing Mia Turns Five

Molly has several friends named Mia and in order to distinguish which Mia she is talking about in a conversation, she gave them all nicknames.

Laughing Mia is the nickname that Molly gave this little friend. A very appropriate name, I thought, as this little cutie is the most joyful, free-spirited, giggle-box around.

I realize that she looks rather serious in this picture, but she contemplating her birthday wish. But trust me, this child always has a smile on her face. Always. Well, except for when she is contemplating her birthday wish.IMG_3560Over the weekend Laughing Mia celebrated her 5th Birthday. I know. Scary. My kid’s friends are turning five. It’s only a matter of time before that happens to Molly. I. Am.Not. Ready! But I digress.

Mia’s party was just like Mia. Energy-filled, nonstop fun! It took place at a local cheer and dance studio. Molly was impressed. There were trampolines…IMG_3561

an obstacle course….IMG_3562

and lots of cheering.IMG_3571

Cheerleading is something new for Molly. She got the pom pom stuff down right away.IMG_3578

However, her cheerleading movements make her look more like a Hitler Youth. Just sayin’. Umm, we’ll be fixing that right away.IMG_3583

The highlight of any party, according to Molly, is the cake. Or in this case, the cupcake. Look at the absolute adoration she is expressing toward her cupcake. I think that it is love.IMG_3587

And if you really push her, she will admit spending time with her friends may actually be as just good as the cupcakes.IMG_3598

Happy 5th Birthday, Laughing Mia!  We all had a blast celebrating your special day.

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