Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Party Preschool Style

Preschool Halloween parties are chaotic,crazy, sugar-laden, loud, fast-paced, and fun. They are also pretty short, which isn’t all together a bad thing. Too much chaos and sugar paired with loud and crazy activities can head south pretty quickly, if you know what I mean.

Luckily, Molly's party was the perfect balance of pint-sized fun that moved along at a fairly brisk pace. So hold on. here is the whirlwind of events that were squeezed into about 40 minutes.

The kickoff: Costume Parade around the hallways of the school. How cute is my little Minnie Mouse?!IMG_4007

Next up was power trick-or-treating in the church foyer. Molly scored a whole bucket of candy inside of 5 minutes.IMG_4014

A quick group photo before heading back to the classroom.IMG_4022

Hannah Montana (aka Makenna) and Minnie Mouse (aka Molly) pause on the red carpet for a quick photo op with the mamarazzi.IMG_4026

A spooky Halloween tale…. IMG_4030

…and some silly Halloween songs.  IMG_4033Almost time for the good stuff: CANDY!

But first…time to pray before gorging on junk food. IMG_4036

Now it’s time to dig in! You do notice Molly’s apple slices, unopened, on her plate. She went right for the sugar. That a girl! (BTW the apple slices are still unopened in my refrigerator and my kid is in a sugar coma on the the couch as I type.)IMG_4038

For the finale, Molly stops to hug her teachers and thank them for a spooktacular Halloween Party!IMG_4045

And since she is still on her sugar high in a particularly jovial mood, Molly stops for one more hug with the director.IMG_4049

Now we have 48 hours to recover before the big event: Halloween Night! Molly gets the whole Trick or Treat thing this year and boy, is she excited!


Stacy said...

She's the most adorable Minnie Mouse ever (except for Mia when she was 2 :) ) Happy Halloween Molly!

Susan said...

These have to be the absolute best halloween costumes I've seen yet! The entire class really got involved, makes me wish I were a preschooler again LOL. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.