Thursday, October 7, 2010

Playing at the Pumpkin Patch #1

Why the #1, you ask? Could it be that there are more pumpkin patch posts to come? Yes!

We have 3 trips to the pumpkin patch scheduled this October. And don’t doubt for a moment that I will blog about each and every one. In detail. With lots of pictures. Because that it who I am and that is what I do. You should know that by now!

Pumpkin Patch #1 started on a rainy and cold note. Not my favorite situation, by any stretch of the imagination. But I sucked up my desire to stay home and sip hot cocoa by the fire and bundled us up for the weather. That’s what moms do.

It turned out to be a whole lot of fun despite the precipitation and plunging mercury. Being with good friends can make a unpleasant situation bearable, or even enjoyable. Molly’s China Friends playgroup is always win-win. Kid friends for her and grown up friends for me. We both love this group!

Here are the girls at the beginning of the day. Some smiling, some stoic, and some shivering.  A few minutes together and there were a lot more giggling and a lot less complaining.IMG_3403

First order of business, a hayride. What’s a trip to the farm without a hayride?  IMG_3378

Then it was time to burn off a little energy.IMG_3390

Talking on their gourd-phones.IMG_3392

   We made a quick stop at the petting zoo before enjoying the bonfire.IMG_3395

Some girls decided to go inside for hot chocolate, but Molly and Avery obviously hadn’t taken their Ritalin and were still eager to explore the farm.IMG_3396 IMG_3397

Eventually the bribe multiple suggestions of hot chocolate convinced the duo to head inside to join the others.IMG_3398 Not sure how much hot chocolate was actually consumed…two cupfuls were accidentally spilled while the girls were waiting for their cocoa to cool.

And before you ask, yes, Molly was one of the guilty parties! Did you have any doubt. Fortunately, the hot chocolate didn’t spill on her. Poor Tapie was not quite so lucky. Molly’s hot chocolate ended up in her lap. Ouch. She was such a good sport about it. Sweet girl!

And speaking of sweet, this little group of girls simply loves each other.  Emily zipped Avery’s jacket before heading out to pick pumpkins. So typical of how these girls treat each other.  IMG_3399

Before heading to the pumpkins, I pulled Molly aside to get the traditional How Tall This Fall picture. Here’s this year’s photo:IMG_3400

And now for the annual walk down memory lane.

2009 IMG_3401.1


2007IMG_3401.3All I can say is, “Stop the madness!” Would somebody please freeze time so my baby would stop growing up so fast.

Avery and Molly posing with pumpkins…IMG_3402

…and showing off  their pumpkin patch purchases.IMG_3406

That big bag of Kettle Corn on the handle of Molly’s wheelbarrow almost made the hours out in the cold worth while. It was half way gone before we pulled back into our driveway at home! Yum!

Playing at the Pumpkin Patch #2 is coming soon. Stay tuned!

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