Saturday, October 23, 2010

What Not to Wear

Okay, I am just going to put it out there right off the bat….

This is the ugliest dress ever made and it is upstairs hanging in my daughter’s closest as I type this post. *gasp*IMG_3976 The dress is dreadful. Its color block pattern, the hokey appliqué, the formless shape. Clinton and Stacy would emphatically throw this rag in the garbage can without hesitation and make the owner shop for something much more stylish that followed some rules of good fashion sense and decorum.

I have no plans to trash this fashion disaster, but I did keep the receipt and am definitely considering returning it to the store from whence it came.

What’ll stopping me? The little four-year-old girl who thinks that it is the most beautiful thing that she has ever owned.

So what will I do? Be the kind-hearted mother who sets aside her own disgust and embarrassment over the dress in order to make her little girl happy.  Or be the cold-hearted witch who laughs with glee as she returns the hideous dress to the misguided retailer who sold it me. Haven’t quite made up my mind, but i am leaning heavily toward the cackling witch scenario.

Now on with the rest of the blog post.

This is a sad season for me. You see, I love shopping for new clothes for Molly. I would rather shop for her than for myself. One look in my closet would confirm that. But this season, Molly didn’t need any clothes. None. Really.

Many things from last year still fit and she has loads of great hand-me-downs. Her closet is chocked full. And so are the drawers. And the shelves. And the under-the-bed storage thingies.

But somehow a few new purchases found their way into our house. I simply don’t know how they got here. But they did. Want to see?

Yes, I really am posting pictures of clothes. The blog is periodically turned into a keepsake book for Molly. Can’t keep all of the clothes to show her when she is all grown up, but i can show her the picturesIMG_3956IMG_3961IMG_3970IMG_3980IMG_3986IMG_3987IMG_3988IMG_3989IMG_3990

Someone  I know is very excited about her new wardrobe.IMG_3994Maybe she’s so excited that she won’t even miss the ugly dress that I really, really, really want to return. What do ya think?

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