Wednesday, October 3, 2007

How Much Fun Can You Have for $39.95?

Apparently quite a bit!
I was walking through the grocery store several weeks ago and saw this big plastic thing. I knew that we just had to get it despite the fact that it broke our number one rule: no big plastic things.

I made the no big plastic things exception this one time because Molly has some issues. She doesn't like the sensations of many different textures: Grass, dirt, sand, mulch, bubbles, even many types of food. The list goes on and on.

Where most kids love play in the sand, Molly would levitate above it if she could. Other kids dig into their food with their fingers, Molly prefers a fork. It's just one of those things that we need to continually work on with her.

I thought this big plastic thing might help Molly get over some of these issues. The big plastic thing has a name. It's a sand table and it's designed to hold, well, sand. My genius idea was to put lots of different things in the sand table. And that is pretty much what we do. The possibilities are endless.

We've tried dried beans.




And even sand!

Some things are more successful than others (the water for instance), but Molly is definitely making progress in her willingness to experiment with new textures. She will actually touch beans with her bare hands. She'll scoop sand with a shovel, as long as she doesn't have to touch it. Hey-every baby step gets her closer!

So I guess you can say that this was $39.95 that was well spent. It's provided hours of fun and lots of learning, even though it is big and plastic.

I know that some of you out there that are saying, "See, I knew she'd have big plastic stuff in her house." Give me your I told you so's. But I am counting the days until the deck is finished, at which time the big plastic thing will move out there and no longer live in the house. Ever.

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