Saturday, September 29, 2007

Six Months With Molly

Two years ago today, September 29, 2005, our dossier was logged in with the China Center of Adoption Affairs and we officially began the wait to be matched with a child. We were told it would be six months but as soon as our dossier was submitted, the infamous slowdown began. It took sixteen long, heart-breaking months until we got the call that we had a daughter.

Now that we have Molly and the pain of the wait has subsided, it is perfectly clear that the journey had to happen this way. If we were matched any earlier, Molly's file would not have been at the CCAA. We would have been matched with the wrong child and Molly would have been matched with the wrong parents. Things had to occur just the way they did so that Molly could find her way to us.

months ago today March 29, 2007, Guan Hai Yan was loving placed into our arms and she became Molly Michelle HaiYan. Our lives immediately became so rich, for this little girl brought with her more joy than we ever thought was possible. That is, as soon as the screaming stopped!

Today, September 29, 2007, our lives feel complete. We are a family.

In the past six months we have seen Molly grow so much. She came to us as a baby. She wasn't walking or talking. She didn't have much hair and she had one lonely bottom tooth.

Now she is a toddler who is running, jabbering, learning and growing fast. She has the most vivacious personality, the silliest sense of humor and the most adorable dimples. She is happy and carefree and makes friends wherever she goes. I am awestruck by the way she has blossomed into this thriving, active child.

The past six months hasn't been all sunshine and roses. We have had our share of frustrations, sleepless nights and times where we just couldn't figure out what to do. It would be awesome if those things didn't have to be a part of parenting, but they make for good stories when they are over!

To say that we have been blessed is an understatement. To say that we are the luckiest people on earth doesn't do it either. I'm not sure that there are even words that can capture just how very fortunate we feel to be given the opportunity to be Molly parents. We are proud beyond belief. We are head over heals in love with our little girl!

We can't wait to see what the next six months holds.....


Michelle said...

Cute, cute pictures! Love the before and after and the pigtails!

Uncle Jack said...

The joy of Molly brightens the
lives of many thanks to Teri and
Tony sharing their stories and
pictures. These are appreciated.