Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Are You Kidding Me?

That's what I asked the doctor when she told me that Molly had another sinus infection. Her third one in five months. And the news got even better...she told me that Molly is likely to get a sinus infection every time she gets a cold. Oh joy.

Apparently the problem is Molly's nose. It's as cute as a button, but as small as one too. So are her sinuses. Her adenoids, on the other hand, are large.

Small nose, small sinuses, and large adenoids = very little room in there for things to drain properly. Hence, the infections. Let's just hope that her sinuses get bigger and her adenoids get smaller as she grows. (I hope the cute little button nose stays cute and buttony.)

The only person that is happy about this whole situation is the pharmacist, because Molly is on antibiotics again. You would think that this would slow her down, but it hasn't. Right after filling the prescription we went to the park. I dosed her in the while she was still in the back seat and then she was off and running. Man I wish I was a kid again!

Here are some pictures from the park. She looks so grown up in pants and a shirt. Oh my goodness, she's not a little baby any more!

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Michelle said...

Her hair is SO long! she does look so much older!