Saturday, September 15, 2007

Berry Picking

One of my favorite autumn activities is picking fresh raspberries in my very own berry patch. The berries are getting ripe so I grabbed Molly and her little green bucket and we headed out the back door.
Let me tell ya, Molly is a champion berry picker. She's low to the ground and can get under the canes a whole lot easier than my six foot frame can. She just needed a little advice on which berries were ripe and she was a berry-picking machine.
After we'd been picking for a while, Molly started giving me the universal sign for stinky.
She tried to blame it on the neighbor's dog, but I wasn't born yesterday. That "stink" was not coming from the neighbor's dog!
That pretty much ended our berry picking for today, but there are plenty more berries yet to ripen, and plenty more clean diapers in the nursery. We'll be back!

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Michelle said...

Guess what! We went berry picking on Saturday too! Except we had to travel 45 minutes to Brighton. We now have raspberry birthday cake, raspberry smoothies, Raspberries in our get the picture! Love you!