Monday, October 29, 2007

Hallmark Moments

You know those Hallmark commercial moments that you carry in your head? You picture all of those great (and small) events in life and can't wait for them to actually roll around so that you can sit back and watch your Hallmark commercial moments unfold perfectly before your eyes.

Well I've pretty much given up on Hallmark commercial moments. Well, I shouldn't say that I have given up on them all together. I still have them in my head, I have just come to the realization that real life isn't like a Hallmark commercial. My life is great, don't get me wrong. It's just that things never happen like you expect.

One of the Hallmark commercial moments that I always pictured was playing in the fall leaves with my children. Oh, what fun we would have frolicking about in the yard, , chasing each other around throw handfuls of Mother Nature's finest red, orange and gold, diving in piles of vibrant leaves.
When Autumn started to show its colors, I took stock of the realities of my child. She hates new textures--doesn't like to touch things that are the least bit unusual. She's not big on touching, feeling or holding green leaves. Crunchy, dried leaves in monstrous piles certainly aren't going to thrill her. My Hallmark moment was not going to happen. I just hoped that Molly wouldn't hate the experience. And I was totally fine with that.

I was pleasantly surprised. She didn't hate it--didn't love it either--but didn't hate it! She sat in the leaves, touched the leaves, played with the leaves. There was no frolicking or shrieks of joy, but she actually had a good time.

Let me tell you, that was better than any Hallmark commercial that I could have ever imagined. What a huge step for her. I was thrilled. And took about 60 pictures to prove it! Maybe it was a Hallmark moment, after all!

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