Saturday, October 13, 2007

Trauma for Momma or Molly Gets Her First Haircut

I always tell people that Molly came to us with three things: her name, the clothes on her back and a really bad haircut. We kept her Chinese name as a middle name. The clothes that she wore on Gotcha Day are loving preserved and stored away. The bad haircut, I found, was hard for me to part with.

It difficult to explain, but Molly's bad haircut was one of the few things that she still had from China. It almost felt like I was severing a tie by getting it cut. That's the reason I've waited this long. I have been talking about having it cut for months, but could never bring myself to take her in.

Molly's hair finally got to a point where it was bothering her. It would hang down in her eyes and she was constantly brushing it away. I knew it was time. Reluctantly, I made the call to schedule an appointment. Yesterday the deed was done.

Molly, for the most part, took everything in stride. She sat in a little seat shaped like a race car (geesh, she's a girl...couldn't they get a pony chair or something?) and let the stylist cut away. It didn't phase her a bit. In fact she was more annoyed that the cape restricted her arm movements than she was that the scissors where chopping her locks off. Once the cape issue was remedied, she was as happy as a lark. The only time she got upset is when the stylist was cutting her bangs. Molly had to hold still and that is not a skill she has mastered yet. She shed a few tears, but quickly got over it.
I, on the other hand, didn't handle it as well. I cringed at the first snip. I detested every minute of the haircut. I was snapping pictures left and right but the whole time I was thinking what a huge mistake I had just made. When the haircut was finished, I hated it. It was just what I asked for, but I hated it. Molly looked different and I hated it.

Twenty four hours later, I am finally getting over the trauma. Molly will let me put a little ponytail in her hair and it does look pretty darned cute. And as it turns out, I didn't even have to part with her hair. The salon saved it in a little baggie which they affixed to a Baby's First Haircut certificate, along with picture on Molly donning her new doo. Here's the final product...what do you think?

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