Saturday, October 6, 2007

I Love This Table...and It's Not Big and Plastic!

Buying the big plastic table (see my last post) almost drove me into therapy. The only way to overcome my angst, I felt, was to shop for a real table.

If you've never been to Pottery Barn Kids, well my friend, you are really missing out. This place has some of the most to die for things on this planet (I can't believe I just wrote that..2 years ago the bike store had the to die for stuff. What happened?).

I don't usually shop at PBK because I am, well, cheap. For this shopping trip though, it's the first store I visited. Why? Because I wasn't spending my money!

Seriously, my parents and sister very generously offered to buy Molly a baby gift. They wanted to purchase something meaningful that she would use and remember for year to come. When we returned from China they asked me what they could get. Heck, I didn't know. I was a new mom. I still had that "doe caught in headlights" feeling.

Six months later, I still have the "doe caught in headlights" feeling but I finally decided what I wanted. I wanted a table and chairs for Molly. Something that she could use for a long time. Maybe even something that she could pass down to her daughter someday (No worries, we never throw anything away...this table and chairs will be in our basement 25 or 30 years from now. Gee, I hope we're still around!).

I fell in love with this Pottery Barn Kids table and chairs the moment I saw it. After getting my family's approval, I took the truck down to the mall and made my purchase. I even assembled it myself when I got home.

This is now Molly's favorite place to hang out. She reads at the table.

She puts puzzles together at this table.

She plays with toys at this table.

She even colors and has snacks at this table. She absolutely LOVES her new table. Let's just see how much she loves it when it becomes "the kids table" at holiday meals and she has to eat her dinner there!

Thank you very much Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunt Michelle. Your generosity is overwhelming and you made one little child (and her mother) very happy!

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