Saturday, November 27, 2010

China Day 9: A Day in Guangzhou Part 1

Wow, it's late, I'm tired and I have a ton of pictures to post. So how about I give you half the words and double the pictures.

Let me take you on a little walk from my hotel to Shamian Island and back. I think you'll agree it is and sight that you will never encounter anywhere in the states. It is simply beyond words. You just have to experience it.

What you can't experience is the smell. My husband hates the smell of Guangzhou. And I have to admit, it is not a pleasant aroma, that's for sure. But it is part of the experience and I just drink it in everyday. I walk down the street and take huge whiffs into my lungs just trying to memorize the smell so I can recall it when I leave. It’s full of incense, and herbs, and tea and people, and animals.

Enjoy the pictures today. I think they are really fun. Lovin' China. I can't get enough!

As we leave to hotel, you walk through the pet market. This is where locals buy pets and pet supplies.IMG_4624

Next you walk through the herbal medicine market. They sell everything her from ginseng to sea urchins.IMG_4629

A peek inside a "fancy" herb store.IMG_4665

And one that is a little less fancy.IMG_4631

And one that is not fancy at all, but is the most common type.IMG_4628

Not sure what sea horses cure, but they sure have a ton of them.IMG_4630

Leaving the markets and crossing the bridge to Shamian Island, I encountered this lady. Anywhere else this would look odd. Here it doesn't even warrant a second glance.IMG_4632

Once on the island, we let the kids play at a local park. They made friends with everyone. Kids do not see language as a barrier.IMG_4636 - Copy

More playground fun.IMG_4638

And some playground cuteness.IMG_4639

Everybody is active in China. Here are some ladies enjoying a Chinese version of hacky sack.IMG_4641

After the park we took a walk down the center of the island. Beautiful.IMG_4642 - Copy

Looking the other direction. Still beautiful.IMG_4661

Another not-so-unusual-for-China sight.IMG_4646

Here we are waiting outside the clinic for Sara Jane to finish her medical tests. The kids thought that they might need a little medical attention themselves.IMG_4649

I assured them that they did not want to see the inside of a Chinese health clinic so they self diagnosed their problems and took care of each other.IMG_4650


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