Saturday, November 27, 2010

China Day 9: A Day in Guangzhou Part 2

Okay, on with the Guangzhou tour............

Molly and Luke continue to play as we walk down the street.IMG_4651

A stop at a local restaurant shows what's for lunch. Mmmmm, big juicy worms.IMG_4652

Not in the mood for worms today? How about some turtle?IMG_4653

When all else fails, go for the eel. Delicious.IMG_4654

Later on our walk we came across some work out equipment. In China, they have grown up parks where adults use the "playground equipment" to keep fit.IMG_4655

Here we are meeting back up with the star of the show. Miss Sara Jane is all smiles even after 6 shots!IMG_4659

What a diva.IMG_4660

All over Shamian Island are brides and grooms having photos taken. Here are a couple in traditional Chinese wedding attire.IMG_4662

On our way home, Molly pauses at the Pearl River bridge for a quick photo op.IMG_4663

We pass by a tea store on the way home.IMG_4667

And walk down a quiet street before we get to .....IMG_4666

Chaos! Hundreds of thousands (seriously) of people walking along the outdoor mall right outside of our hotel.IMG_4669

Molly and I walked here for a good hour. I was the only Caucasian. Now that is being immersed in a culture. Loved every single minute. Molly did too.IMG_4670


That's the tour from our hotel to Shamian Island and back. Just another ordinary day in China.

Tomorrow we are shopping for jade and pearls! Now that' my kind of fun!

Please leave a comment if you don't mind. It's fun to know who's reading about our trip. Miss all of you, but not ready to come home yet!


Kathy Kudravi said...

I didn't know you were going with the Aherns! That must be great. Jonna was 4 when we were there to get Joelle (and Molly) so good timing. We are planning a trip back in a few years.
Gee, I should have you get some things for me from A Gift From China on SHamian!

Kathy said...

Oh, and I was checking your site on Sunday but there were no updates. When I looked today, all of the China posts came through!