Sunday, November 21, 2010

China Day 3: Travel to Changsha, Hunan

Welcome to Day 3!

Today was a travel day so not a lot action to report. But, when you are in China there’s always lots of interesting things to see. Check out the pictures below!

Beijing architecture. You have everything from the ancient...IMG_3794 the old...IMG_3797

to the brand spanking new and modern.IMG_3798

Everything exists side by side ...IMG_3800

...and somehow makes perfect sense.IMG_3802

We headed back to the airport today to fly to our second destination: Changsha, Hunan. This is the city where the Ahern's will finally be united with sweet little Sara Jane Si Te. Airports are always a source of amusement to us. Here Jan reads the board and somehow figures out that our flight has changed gates.IMG_3804

Luke and Molly take every opportunity to play the silliest games whenever they are together. Here they are hamming it up from the camera.IMG_3808

I managed to corral Molly long enough to get a picture taken with her.IMG_3810

John is the ticket guru. He manages our flights, gets us the best seats and hands us a passport and ticket at each gate. I could get used to being spoiled like this.IMG_3813

China's airports are so crowded that instead of making new gates they stack airplanes on the tarmac and shuttle you out to the plane. We were the only Caucasians (with a few Asian kids thrown in for fun) on this flight. We were quite the celebrities.IMG_3816

At four years old, Molly is a veteran traveler. She is such at pro at it that I don't even need to tell her what to do anymore.IMG_3817

We arrived safe and sound in Changsha with our mountain of luggage.IMG_3818

From the airport we were shuttled to our hotel.IMG_3822

This is the China I remember!IMG_3823

Grey and cloudy...I could have stayed at home for this!IMG_3825

The Sheraton Changsha. Another amazing accommodation.IMG_3829

Never get tired of staying in nice hotels.IMG_3832

The service provided by China hotels is second to none. They meet every single need before you know that you even have one.IMG_3833

We set out on foot to see Changsha and acquire snacks, water and dinner. This is not a town that is used to a lot of Westerners so we got the rock star treatment with lots of pointing, smiling, and waving by the local people.

Not many English speakers here in Changsha and no pictures on the menu, but somehow we still managed to get a meal that didn’t contain eye balls or chicken’s feet. Score one for the Americans!

The traveling is taking a toll on the littles of our group. No whining or complaining, but both kids were fast asleep for the night by 6:30!IMG_3838

Tomorrow is Sara Jane day. Can’t wait for the Ahern’s to get there Changsha cutie!!

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