Monday, November 29, 2010

China Day 11: Free Day in Guangzhou Part 1

Today was a totally free day in Guangzhou. We filled it with shopping, eating and visiting with old friends. I have so many pictures that I divided the day into two posts. Make sure to look at both to get every detail of our day.
During the day….
Jan and I set out to finish all of our China shopping. I am not sure how I am going to get everything home but am extremely pleased with my purchases. It was so nice to shop with Jan. She has such a good eye, an honest opinion and knows how to shop.
Later in the afternoon, Jan, John, Sara Jane and Luke headed to the consulate for Sara Jane’s swearing in ceremony. I took the rest of the chitlins and played in Guangzhou. We posed for pictures, played badminton and hacky sack and talked to the locals. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.
Molly was so proud that she climbed one of the big trees on Shamian Island, and even more proud when the other kids thought she was cool and followed her up the tree. It was the highlight of her day.
We walked back home through the markets and found some new and unusual finds, just like we do everyday. This is such a neat trip. Molly is having a wonderful time with everything in China. Her shyness has melted away here. She talks to locals using her Chinese words and they just eat her up.  I hope that she can remember a fraction of what she has experienced on this trip.
Enjoy the pictures and make sure to click on part 2 for the evening’s festivities!

This lady was selling live birds (to take home and eat). She was not thrilled that I took her picture. Oops. Wonder how she feels about me posting it on my website.IMG_4780
Cute boy.IMG_4785
Cute girl.IMG_4786
School kids out for afternoon exercises.IMG_4789
Jordan wrote Molly's name in calligraphy, then posed for a picture. He does this free for all adoptive families. So nice.IMG_4790
Fitting in with the locals.IMG_4796
Molly said that she was sitting on Daddy's lap.IMG_4802
Molly and all of her little friends.IMG_4799
Shamian is filled with huge trees. Molly, my daredevil, couldn't wait to climb one.IMG_4813
She wanted me to take picture after picture. She was so proud.IMG_4814
Dried snakes in the herbal medicine market. Anyone want to guess what they may be used for?IMG_4818
Some kind of leg bone and hoof. Again, anyone want to guess? I'm sure it cures something, just not sure what!IMG_4819
A neat shot in the markets. This picture was scouted out by Trey Ahern. He thought the yellow door in the background set the picture off. I agree. Totally cool.IMG_4820
Chairman Mao is watching  over the market.IMG_4822
These fish reminded me of a box of crayons.IMG_4823
Cute little crabs for sale.IMG_4824
Snow in Guangzhou. Who says the Chinese don't have the Christmas spirit.IMG_4825

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