Monday, November 29, 2010

China Day 11: Free Day in Guangzhou Part 2

During our adoption trip in 2007, we had the world’s best guides. Grace and Maggie were incredible. They always had the inside line—whether it was getting into the medical clinic before it opened, caring for a sick baby, comforting a stressed mommy, bypassing a line at a restaurant, getting us a good deal on pearls, translating documents, or educating us on China. They knew how to do everything and did it with professionalism and love.

We were very fortunate to meet up with Maggie and Grace tonight for dinner. It was so good to see them. I have told Molly so much about them so it was fun to her finally meet them in person. They were equally excited to see us.

We all went to dinner at a dim sum restaurant. Phenomenal. Everything was delicious. I think I ate twice my body weight in little food but it was sooooo worth it. Molly leaned over to me part way through the meal and said, “Mommy, this meal is really good!”  Amen, sister, Amen. Yum.

I really wanted to try something different. Something adventurous. So we got chicken feet. Surprisingly they taste like, well, chicken. Not at all bad. There was also this pork stuff. It looked like (and was) a big hunk of fat. I thought no way is that going to taste good. Guess what? Delectable. Frightening so. I have no idea what my heart and arteries are doing right now. Probably in a state of shock.

It was a perfect evening and one of the highlights of the trip. Good friends, good food, well behaved kids and China.  I feel so blessed.


Grace, Maggie, Molly and me.IMG_4834

Roll out the dim sum cart and…IMG_4829

...let's get the party started!IMG_4830

How many ways can you say yum?IMG_4831

Even looking at the pictures of all of that glorious food makes me happy. IMG_4835

John and I try chicken's feet.IMG_4837

And the verdict is...IMG_4838

Yum, tastes like chicken!IMG_4839

My little noodle girl.IMG_4849

Showing off her chopstick skills.IMG_4852

Love you, and so proud of you my sweet baby girl.IMG_4853

Guangzhou lights up at night.IMG_4854

Neon overload.IMG_4855

It's easy to spot us in a crowd.IMG_4861

The whole gang.IMG_4874

Molly and Maggie.IMG_4875

Grace and Molly.IMG_4877

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