Wednesday, December 1, 2010

China Day 13: Zài Jiàn China

The time has come to say zài jiàn to China. This has been the most amazing adventure. We have made countless wonderful memories in the past two weeks. I so appreciate the Ahern’s invitation to join them as they traveled to China to be united with Sara Jane. Their kindness has had no end on this trip. They are dear and special friends indeed. I will never forget this trip or the memories we shared.
Today was bittersweet. I thoroughly enjoyed my last moments here. I soaked in every ounce of China that I could as I walked the streets one last time. But I was also a bit sad because I knew that each place I visited, each thing I did, each meal I ate would be my last for this trip. I’ll miss this country and its people. And I will miss the steamed buns. Yes, definitely will miss the steamed buns.
Zài jiàn China,wǒ ài nǐ!


Oh how I will miss eating this each morning.IMG_5072

Luke and Molly share a kiss on the river.IMG_5080

Wonder how I could fit this carved jade statue in my luggage.IMG_5084

The reason we came to China: Miss Sara Jane Si Te.IMG_5098

New friends we made ya Karen!IMG_5102

I will miss my daily walks through the market. Especially the sounds and the smells...something a photograph can never capture.IMG_5117

Still wondering what on Earth dried seahorses will cure.IMG_5107

Here's something you don't see everyday...pure jade.IMG_5177

And here's another.IMG_5175

Luke and Molly waiting for their red couch picture.IMG_5126

Thank you Ahern Family. You kindness means the world to Molly and me. We love you from the bottom of our hearts.


Molly and Luke live from the red adoption trip tradition!IMG_5130

Mom and Molly on the red couch. This photo op was a lot easier today than it was in 2007. Molly knows how to look at the camera and smile this time!IMG_5157

Looking beautiful in her silk and tulle.IMG_5160

Goodnight and goodbye from China!IMG_5181

I will do a final wrap up post about China some time over the next week or so...when I am back in the good old USA! See you then!

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