Saturday, December 11, 2010

China Friends Christmas Party

Home from our China/Colorado trip less than 48 hours and Molly’s social calendar is back in full swing. We started with Chinese class, followed by the highlight of the day, the playgroup Christmas Party.

Michelle and Faye--love ya, gals!--hosted a lovely soiree for the girls (and the moms, too). We were all kind of struck by the fact that as soon as we hit the front door, our girls were gone. Fled to the basement to play. With each other.

It seems like only yesterday that we all had to sit with our daughters and encourage them to play together. They were tentative and shy. Heck, they were just learning to play. Playing with someone was still a long way off.

But now, three years later, they run from the safety of mom to play with each other. And us moms just sit there cheering with nothing to do except for for finally socializing with other grownups without interruption.I have to admit that us moms have formed bonds that are just as strong as the ones our kids have with each other. Going to play group is as much for for us as it is for them.

After  ample play time, we retrieved the kids for some holiday crafts. Michelle and Faye had a big bag of crafts for each girl. Molly is really into projects these days so was  super excited to get started.

In the past few months, Molly has become very artistic. She spends hours drawing, coloring and creating masterpieces. Here she is working on her gingerbread house.IMG_5108

One project complete!IMG_5202

Getting ready to start decorating this tree ornament.IMG_5104

Still coloring….IMG_5105

Now smiling and coloring. What a multi-tasker.IMG_5107

Abby and Alex: Crafting sisters.IMG_5197

Chloe concentrates on her craft.IMG_5199

And so does Gracyn.IMG_5200

These girls were seriously quiet and calm focused on their work, and so proud of their results. Here’s Mia showing off her finished house.IMG_5201

Avery looks in the goody bag for another craft….plenty more in there to do.IMG_5203

A little more free time to play before….IMG_5204

Group Pictures! Right after pictures, the girls had a book exchange. Seeing these kids together makes me feel all  warm and fuzzy inside. I’ve said it a million times before, “I love these girls!”IMG_5205

One last picture before leaving. One of the reasons Molly loves to go to parties is because she gets to dress up. Guess who picked this dress with the absolute fullest skirt in the store? How did I, the consummate tomboy,  get such a girly-girl? She does look awfully cute though!IMG_5209

Merry Christmas China Friends!

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