Saturday, December 11, 2010

Catch Up Post: Avery’s 6th Birthday

Leaving for China with a week’s notice can be described with one word: insane. In all of the preparation for travel, I did not have time to post a blog. Squeezed in time in to make it to the event, just ran out of time to blog about it. Little Miss Avery is far too important to skip over, so here is her catch up post!

Molly’s friend Avery turned 6 years old! And what a party she had. It was at a local bouncy house. Molly was a bit timid at Chloe's bouncy party, but with bouncy experience under her belt, she hit the ground running at Avery’s.

Avery and MollyIMG_4121

Getting squeezed.IMG_4096

Getting ready to…IMG_4099

Ride the slide…Whoa!IMG_4100

The whole gang.IMG_4107

Fun party favors.IMG_4113


Pizza and cake, too? This is a great party!IMG_4118

And as always, the opening of the gifts.IMG_4119

Have fun being Six, Avery. We love ya, gal!

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