Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh Baby That's What I Like!

To steal a line from the Big Bopper: Chantilly lace and a pretty face and a ponytail hanging down. That description can now apply to the ponytail-sporting Miss Molly. Her hair is finally long enough to pull back into a decent ponytail. She is thrilled beyond belief and is so excited to be just like Mommy. I am going to relish this moment because I know that some day soon, she won't want any part of being just like Mommy.
Without further adieu here is a shot from the front....
and the side....
and the back!
I know that the Big Bopper wasn't sing about a 2 year old when he wrote this song, but if you take out the whole innuendo thing, the rest of the song applies to Molly as well: a wiggling walk and a giggling talk makes the world go round and round.
Oh baby that's what I like!

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