Friday, May 2, 2008

Catching Up

Okay. I have been a slacker. We have done a ton of fun things and, of course, I have a ton of fun pictures. I just haven't had the energy to come up with a ton of creative posts so that I could shamelessly show off my beautiful daughter. So here are a bunch of pictures with some brief explanations. Let's just pretend that they all go together, shall we? And while we are pretending, feel free to make up some witty narratives to go with them!

(Click on any picture to make it larger)

Set #1: The Zoo
Springtime means zootime. Molly and I went to the zoo with some new friends. I didn't post any pictures of Molly's little friend's face or name, because I haven't had time to get permission from her mommy!
Not so sure about my first ride on the Merry-Go-Round.
Verdict's in: The Merry-Go-Round rocks!
Look out zoo, here we come!
Checkin' things out.
Practicing our gymnastics skills for the 2020 Olympics.
Set #2: The Boo Boo
Molly got her first boo boo that required a band-aid. Can you believe that? She's been with us for over a year, and this is her first bandagable wound! It would be cool if she had some great story to go with it, but such is not the case. She was walking sown the sidewalk, tripped on her own feet (like mother/like daughter) and came up bleeding.
Molly wears her boo boo like a badge of honor. She has to wear a short sleeve shirts every single day so that she can make sure that it's still there and so that she can show it off to anyone who cares to take a peek. I even have to kiss the boo boo goodnight every evening!
The boo boo.
Inspecting the band-aid.
What? A plain band-aid? Geesh! My lame mother didn't even have a Scooby Doo or Winnie-the-Poo band-aid for me. Deduct points from her mother-of-the-year tally.
Set #3: Molly the Fearless at the Park, Part 1
What a difference a year makes. Molly went from baby swings to being able to scale, climb, slide or swing from anything at the park. She has no fear. That's okay, when I am watching her I have enough for the both of us. I've got to hand it to her though; she is incredibly secure in her abilities. Got to love having a jock for a daughter!
Climbing the curvy ladder.
Traversing the step bridge.
I am looking cool in my sunglasses. What? They're upside down? How embarrassing!
Set 4: Molly the Not-So-Fearless
Molly is not a fan of the vacuum. She tolerates it, but doesn't want to take part in the process. She is more of a spectator, you might say. When I vacuum the family room, I move the chairs from around her table into the kitchen so that I can vacuum underneath. Molly sets up the chairs into stadium seating so that she can watch all of the action. Note: She is in the back row...not gonna get too close!
Bugbug, you sit in the front row. Pooh and I are going to hang out back here where it is nice and safe!
Set #5: Molly the Fearless at the Park, Part 2
Now that she mastered our neighborhood park, Molly is taking her show on the road. These were taken at our playgroup (don't have permission so I am not positing pictures of her friends in this group). We joined a playgroup of 2 and 3 year old girls adopted from China. The girls love playing together and attract a lot of attention wherever they go!
Scaling new heights.
Top of the tower.
Rope ladder? No problem!
Getting started...
Half way there...
Taking a break to look cute for the camera...
Made it to the top!
Set 6: My Mom is Shamelessly Showing Off
Sorry, just had to do it...How darn cute is my kid? Good Golly Miss Molly!

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