Friday, May 30, 2008

Daddy is Home!

From the moment that I met Tony, I knew that he was someone special. He swept me off my feet and I started falling in love with him right on the spot. That love has continued to grow throughout the past 12 years and I still thank God every day for bringing this remarkable man into my life.

Because I have witnessed his love firsthand, I knew that Tony would be a great dad. And he is. You can see it in Molly's eyes every time she is with him. She loves him deeply and he loves her right back. I never thought that I would so willingly share his love with anyone, but seeing the two of them together literally makes my heart burst. I find myself loving both of them even more. Funny how that works.

Tony has had to travel a lot over the past few months. His trips have lasted for days and sometimes weeks at a time. I know that I miss him terribly, but it is nothing compared to Molly. When Tony is traveling Molly wakes up every morning asking, "Daddy home?" When I tell her that Daddy is still working out of town, she demands, "More Daddy!" Boy, how I wish that I could give that to her.

When Tony is gone, Molly and I continue on our daily routines: attend our classes, go to the park or the pool, have fun. We laugh, we dance, we sing, but it is just not the same. Sometimes you don't recognize it until Tony comes home. The minute he walks in the door, the electricity is back. There is a spark in Molly (that you didn't even realize was missing) that is reignited.

Once Tony is home, Molly is stuck to him like glue. It's all about the Dada. "Dada do it!" is now her mantra. She even makes him hold her hand while he eats his dinner. I willingly give up my #1 status (in both of their books') and just watch the love that pours out of the two of them.

Amazing how adding one little soul can multiply the love on our home exponentially.

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Michelle said...

Molly is such a beautiful girl. What a sweet face! And you are such a gifted writer. It was so great to meet you last week. Thanks for sharing your blog with me.