Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Celebration

The last day of school calls for a celebration, don’t cha think? And what better way to celebrate than with ICE CREAM!

Well, frozen yogurt actually, but you get the point.

We joined Molly’s good friend, Allison and her mother (who is my good friend, Kim) at a yogurt shop where you build your own sundae. Was it a hit? Of course it was!

Allison, Sam and Molly smiling for the camera…a requirement to fulfill before getting their yogurt.IMG_9122

Molly took no time in getting through her sundae.IMG_9129

After yogurt it was time for a little fun. And a lot of pictures. Because we are mothers.That’s what we do.

Sam and Molly get ready to draw on the chalkboard.IMG_9131

Molly now likes drawing people with hands that have all five fingers. In order to do this, the hands get really big in proportion to the body. Love it!IMG_9132

My friend Kim had summer goody bags for the kids. Molly couldn’t wait to dig in to see what she got.IMG_9133

Giving Kim a thank you hug!IMG_9134

Allison and Molly sharing some love.IMG_9137

The great thing about Molly’s friends is that they not only tolerate having Sam around, they really love him. Warms my heart.IMG_9140

Mom and her kids.IMG_9146

Sam licking the last bits of yogurt off his lips.IMG_9148

Told you we were going photo crazy. Everyone needed photos taken with everyone else. Kim and the kids…IMG_9149

The kids with each other…IMG_9153

…and one last shot of me and my babies. IMG_9160We are soooooo looking forward to summer.

And more yogurt.

Or ice cream.