Friday, May 25, 2012

I Just Keep Doing It

Do you ever keep doing something year after year simply because you started doing it? I mean you kind of want to stop doing it, and there is no good reason to keep doing it, but because you’ve done it so long you are compelled to do it again.

Well this is THAT post.

You see, when Molly was little I was so excited about shopping for new baby clothes that I rushed right home and blogged about it. I mean, who wouldn’t? (Don’t answer that. It’s supposed to be a rhetorical question. If you answer, I may feel even crazier than I already do.)

Molly got older, shopping became routine. But somehow I kept posting about new clothes because it was what I always did. Shop. Blog. Repeat.

Well here I am five years later and twice each year I am still blogging about new clothes. I am no longer excited about kids clothes, and really have nothing witty to say about them.

But I am posting more pictures. Because I started doing it along time ago. And I kept doing it. And now I just can’t figure our how to stop doing it.

So here they are:

The Spring and Summer Collection of Molly and Sam.

Try to contain your excitement.

Molly got all new socks and underwear this year.IMG_9086Can you believe that I am posting pictures of socks and underwear on my blog? Me neither. Somebody stop me!

New dresses that look remarkably similar to old dresses.IMG_9087


Cute tops and shorts.IMG_9092IMG_9097

Bicycle shorts to wear under skirts and dresses because modesty is important at our house. Even though I already posted pictures of the underwear.IMG_9099

New bathing suit. A summer staple.IMG_9100

4th of July outfits. Now those are kinda cute and interesting because I now have 2 kids to dress all matchy-matchy.IMG_9102

Bathing Suit and Rash Guard for Sam. Who is afraid of swimming pools.IMG_9106

Adorable overalls! I guess the baby things still do excite me!IMG_9108


Shorts and Tees. Boys are sooo easy.IMG_9111




PJs and socks.

IMG_9123With all of the pink princess stuff Sam has had to endure, I got his some all-boy pajamas. Their ain’t nothin’ girly about sculls and crossbones. Arg!

Overpriced kids footwear.IMG_9721

Boom. There it is. Spring and Summer clothes.

And you’ll see even more in the fall.

Unless someone can find a way to keep me from doing this.

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