Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Day of Kindergarten


Where did that year go?

Back in September, my little baby was only reading words. Now my big girl is reading books.

Back in September, my little baby was writing her letters, her name, and a few favorite words. Now my big girl is writing stories and creating books.

Back in September my baby could count to 100 (on a good day). Now my big girl can add, subtract and even do a bit of multiplication. She can even do story problems, for goodness sake!

Back in September, my little baby was the new kid on the block with only a few friends. Now my big girl has more friends than I can count.

Back in September, my baby had never set foot on a  school bus. Now my big girl rides the bus like a seasoned veteran. She even understands that the back of the bus is the coolest place to be (luckily there are only kindergarteners and first graders on the bus or I would be very worried!).

Back in September, my baby was an only child. Now my big girl is big sister.

I do enjoy seeing Molly grow, learn and become more independent. I love having conversations with her at a more complex level of understanding. I marvel at the creativity and imagination that she has developed. And I definitely take great pleasure in having a child that is old enough to help empty the dishwasher, clean her own room and take out the trash!

But I also miss my baby. I guess all parents do. I’m not sure why. Babies are a lot of hard work.

Still there is just something sweet and special about that stage of life that makes it hard to say goodbye. Sigh.

Time marches on, however, and my baby is growing up. See for yourself:

Molly on the first day of Kindergarten: August 2011IMG_6538

Molly and Max on the last day of Kindergarten.IMG_9125

Molly gets on the bus one last time as a Kindergartener…IMG_9127

…and gets off as an official First Grader. At least according to her.IMG_9128

She’ll still be my Kindergartener until she goes to school in the fall! I’m in no hurry!