Tuesday, May 22, 2012

China Friends Play Group Kicks Off the Summer

With Sam’s surgery and all of the other things on our hectic schedule we were unable to attend the last few Mandarin classes. We even missed a really fun playgroup with the China Friends. Which I find heartbreaking, because I enjoy them every bit as much as Molly.

Luckily, we were able to make it to the most recent playgroup. Although this is Molly’s group of friends, Sam tagged along and enjoyed being in the thick of things.

This ‘kick off to summer’ took place at a local park. The girls played, had a scavenger hunt, made crafts and had lots and lots of yummy snacks. What’s not to like about that?

Here’s Sam enjoying the park.IMG_9065

Here’s Sam sliding on the curly slide.IMG_9066

Here’s Sam climbing the play structure.IMG_9067Wait a minute….this was suppose to be a post about Molly’s playgroup!

Okay, now we are back on track! Here’s Molly and one of her teammates on the scavenger hunt.IMG_9068

It was a seriously hot day, but the girls gave it their all and found everything on their list.IMG_9069

Luckily, their was some nice cool juice as a reward.IMG_9070

Oh, and a cupcake.IMG_9071

Molly loves her some cupcakes.IMG_9072

Oh, yes she does!IMG_9073

Other members of the playgroup were also enjoying the day. Can these girls get any cuter or more sweet?IMG_9074



Sam snuck in to get some snacks. Of course. The boy was born to eat.IMG_9077

We must have been in need of some socialization because we were the last to leave the park. We hung out with Avery and her mom for about an hour after everyone left.

Molly, Avery and Sam watching a movie on the iPad. At the park. Instead of playing on the playground. Something seriously wrong with how technology has taken over our lives. IMG_9078But on the upside, it kept them occupied while my good buddy Christine and I caught up!

Welcome Summer! So glad that you are finally here!

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