Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Natural Born Dunker

This succinct bloggy thing is kind of liberating. Get right to the point. Add some pictures. Done. It's so easy that I thought I'd add another post for you all....
Late last week we made cookies:oatmeal chocolate chip-yum! Molly loved making them, as well as eating them.
Come to find out Molly is a NBD...a natural born dunker. I didn't show her how dunk. Tony didn't show her how to dunk. She doesn't watch TV so she didn't learn to dunk there. No real dunker role models to follow in her little sphere of influence.
I guess if you were meant to be a dunker, it just spontaneously manifests itself. An instinct. Take one look at the pictures. The girl was born to dunk!

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Michelle said...

Wow! I was way behind on posts! Just had to comment on this one though. This weekend Steph and I were making brownies. Yep, we STILL make stuff together. And she says, "Mom, I'm glad you weren't one of those moms that wouldn't let me lick the beaters." Seeing Molly lick the beaters made me think to tell you. I sure miss those times. And you and Molly! Come visit soon!