Sunday, March 29, 2009

2nd Gotcha Day Anniversary

Amazing. It has been two years since a nanny from Molly’s orphanage placed little Guan Hai Yan into our waiting arms and she became Molly Michelle HaiYan.

So much has changed since then. We’ve gone from:

  • crib to big girl bed.
  • baby bottle to a drinking glass.
  • formula with rice cereal to tacos with refried beans.
  • bald head to long hair and pig tails.
  • crawling and falling to running and tumbling.
  • disposable diapers to Tinkerbell underwear.
  • a child who didn’t want to look at us to a little girl who loves to shower us with kisses and hugs.
  • a few little babbles to a chatterbox who talks nonstop.
  • a little baby who cried and screamed when they placed her in our arms to a toddler who, well….still cries and screams! But fortunately she also laughs and sings and dances and cracks jokes and is very, very happy.

It is a miracle that such a perfect little soul found her way into our lives. She has turned our world completely upside down and we love every minute of it.
Thank you, God. Thank you, China. Thank you, Molly!

Now for a little stroll down memory lane...

Our Family 2007

Our Family 2008

Our Family 2009
Mommy and Molly 2007

Mommy and Molly 2008

lMommy and Molly 2009
Daddy and Molly 2007

Daddy and Molly 2008
Daddy and Molly 2009

Molly 2007
Molly 2008
Molly 2009

Now, how did Molly spend her day? Exactly the way she wanted. ;
She selected her favorite outfit: The girl shirt and pink leggings.

Played for hours with her Thomas the Train set, handed down to her just last night from her cousin Matthew.

And ate all of her favorite foods.
For breakfast she requested hotel eggs (scrambled eggs—I’m not quite sure how it ever got that nickname, but that’s what Molly calls them!), hash browns, cantaloupe and a yogurt smoothie.
For lunch, she ordered a grilled cheese sandwich, cauliflower, an apple and a glass of milk.

And for dinner it was all about the tacos. Oh, and chocolate, lots-o-chocolate!

At the end of the evening she opened gifts that we brought back from China two years ago just for this occasion:

Hello Kitty’s dressed in Chinese silk outfits (who knew that she’d be such a Hello Kitty fan when she got older—happy coincidence!) .....

.....and Chinese language books.

It was a special day that was all about Molly, just as it should be.

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