Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Super Sleuth Birthday Party

Avery, Molly’s dear, sweet little friend, turned seven. Wow, seven!

Avery’s party is always a reality check for me. She’s a little over a year older than Molly. Attending Avery’s party each year is always a little smack in the face for me. A smack that I need.

You see, it happens the same way each year. I go. I say, “Yikes, she is old.” And slowly over the next year I accept that Molly will turn that age, too.

I’m glad that Avery is Molly’s friend for a number of reasons, but having her gently ease me into the inevitable reality that my daughter will grow up  is definitely a benefit.IMG_6932

This year, Avery had a party at the science museum. The kids got to be super sleuths for the day. The adventure started out with a little lesson on fingerprints. Then all the kids had their own fingerprints taken.IMG_6928

Later in the party they were asked to hold drinking glasses. This left greasy little fingerprints all over the glasses. The kids got to use their own fingerprint dusting kits to lift the fingerprints off of the glass. How cool is that?

That wasn't even the highlight of the party. No, the highlight was making the ice cream.

Avery poured all of the ingredients into a bowl and stirred. IMG_6937

Then liquid nitrogen was added and, voila, instant--and I do meant instant—ice cream!IMG_6938

The kids all thought this was exceptionally cool. No pun intended!IMG_6940

Molly loves her some ice cream!IMG_6941

Of course there was the traditional Happy Birthday song.IMG_6943

And good friends to hang out with while waiting for the sugar to arrive.IMG_6944IMG_6945

But seriously, it was all about the ice cream.IMG_6947

And maybe the cake. But definitely the ice cream.IMG_6948

The party ended with gifts. Here’s Avery opening the present from Molly.IMG_6950Luckily Molly’s was the first or second gift opened. Shortly after that, Avery was surrounded by kids, all needing to get a closer look. It’s a kids party tradition.

Happy Birthday Avery. Have a great year being seven.

And thanks for helping me face reality.

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