Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back On The Blog…

I know what you were thinking when we moved. Be honest. You were thinking, “Thank God! Finally no more posts about the          %*#@! zoo!”

Well guess what?

The new town has a zoo! And we went! And I am posting about it!

Don’t worry. We don’t have a membership (yet) so you won’t see zoo posts popping up with the same regularity as before. But for today, you’ll have to suffer through.

At least the scenery will be different. That’s something, right?

Onward, to the zoo pics…

My friend Suzanne and her son Max invited us to a day at the zoo. Molly and Max had a few days off of school and the weather was beautiful, so how could we resist?

A chilly start to the day.IMG_6877

Off to the reptile house. I thought, “Wow, that’s a neat sculpture. The crocodiles look pretty realistic.”IMG_6879

And then one of the crocodiles moved. Umm, not a sculpture. Real crocodiles and my kid was leaning over the railing just a few feet from their ferocious jaws.IMG_6880I guess it was safe. I mean there were no signs warning of danger or to keep your hands away from the meat-eaters. But still, a little close for comfort if you ask me.

Molly poses with her favorite zoo animal: The Gorillas.IMG_6881

Woo Hoo! Molly was so excited to see that this zoo had a carousel, just like the one back home.IMG_6882

Max and Molly pose for a picture.IMG_6888

And another. These two fall into a pose with each other so easily that it reminds me of a married couple. Which I am not at all ready for. At all. At least not in this century.IMG_6890

A visitor to our lunch table.IMG_6891

The sun was right behind Molly's head so not a great picture, but this peacock strutted right up to her and demanded some lunch.IMG_6892

Another Molly and Max pic on the train.IMG_6899I hope you are not puckering those lips, Max.

Max on the playground.IMG_6901

Molly in the tortoise shell.IMG_6904

Max’s turn.IMG_6905

And one last picture to end the day. Uh, Max. Please take you hand off of my daughter’s thigh. Thank you.IMG_6906

Reader’s beware…I just might be purchasing a zoo pass in the not-to-distant future. And you thought you were done with zoo posts.

Bwaa ha ha ha!

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