Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kelsey’s Birthday

The thing about kids is that they grow up. And every year the have a party. And who doesn’t like a party?

Not Molly, she loves them!

Molly’s classmate and friend Kelsey had her 6th birthday party at a local entertainment center. I liken it to Chuck E Cheese, but it’s not near as obnoxious. And the pizza is better. Better stuff to do, too.

Like black light miniature golf.IMG_6911Molly’s never played miniature golf before and it showed. She held her club so that the head faced backward. I kept trying to correct her but she seemed to like her unique putting style. She was having a blast, so who am I to judge.

IMG_6913The theme for the miniature golf course was dinosaurs, which was right up Molly’s alley. She knew the names of all of the dinos scattered around.

Group shot of the party girls! Kelsey the birthday girl is top row, far left, eyes closed…sorry Kelsey!IMG_6914

After golf it was time for pizza.IMG_6915

And then time to bowl. Another activity that Molly has never done. I guess we need to get out more!IMG_6916

Molly faired better at bowling than at golf. Look at that ball…right down the center of the lane.I think she got a spare in that frame. Love the miniature bowling balls. So much easier for the kids to use.IMG_6917

Back to the party room to sing Happy Birthday to Kelsey.IMG_6920

Finally Molly’s favorite part: cake and ice cream.IMG_6922

One would think that this would complete the party. Not even close. Each kid was given a credit card that they could use for games and rides.

Molly and Kelsey riding the Motorcycle race course.IMG_6923

Molly racing her sports car. Judging from her performance, the BMV won’t be issuing her a driver’s license any time soon.IMG_6926Molly thought the party was “awesome!”

That’s her new word: Awesome. Makes me smile every time she says it. She thinks she is so grown up.

Ya know what? She is. Not much longer until my baby will be celebrating her 6th birthday. I am so not ready for her to be another year older!

Happy 6th Birthday Kelsey! Thanks for including us in your celebration.

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Anonymous said...

She is so cute and what a cool place for a birthday party!! Was it very expensive?