Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Great Big Halloween Post

Warning: Unlike the politically correct and very boring school party, this post contains non-PC material that may be considered graphic to some. Be advised that there will be costumes, candy and general tom-foolery normally associated with Halloween.

The Halloween celebration started up on Sunday, with the annual carving of the pumpkins.

Here’s Molly pretending that she enjoys this little Halloween ritual.IMG_6820

And here she is showing how she really feels about carving pumpkins. Can you tell it is not really one of her favorite things to do?IMG_6821

Here’s Molly pretending to draw a face on the pumpkin.IMG_6823

And here what really happened…We downloaded pictures off of the net and Tony took over from there. He’s the real genius behind the carving.

He even uses a Dremel, because that’s how real men carve pumpkins….with power tools.IMG_6824

Molly was content to wash her hands of the whole mess.IMG_6826IMG_6825

Molly and I both agree that Dad did a great job on this year’s jack-o-lanterns!IMG_6829

Moving on to Monday, Halloween, the day that Molly has been waiting for all month!

This year’s costume choice came as a bit of a surprise. Did she request a princess costume? A bride? A fairy?

Surprisingly, Molly chose something very un-girl-like. *insert audible gasp here*

Molly  getting into her under layer. Any ideas of what she might be?IMG_6830

A Pteranodon!IMG_6832

Here’s Molly in her perfectly clean, untouched costume that she wasn’t allowed to wear to school. Pretty obvious why our politically correct public school system bans costumes in the classroom, isn’t it.

It only takes one look to see it’s full of satanic overtones,witchcraft and blood. I can certainly understand why the local elementary schools wouldn’t want there hallways filled with cuteness evil like this. (Yes, I am still bitter about the Pumpkin Day celebration.)

But, I digress, once again.

Molly made the most adorable little flying pterosaur that ever took to the prehistoric skies. IMG_6835

Speaking of cuteness, my little girlies that live behind us came trick-or-treating at the back door. Can I just say LOVE.THESE.GIRLS!IMG_6837

Molly was anxious to get Trick-or-Treating herself, but she knows me well enough to understand that nothing is allowed to start until the photographing is complete.

Picture with Mommy.IMG_6842

Picture with Daddy.IMG_6844

And the family photo.IMG_6847Now let’s get this party started!

This is the first year that I  haven’t gone Trick-or-Treating with Molly *sniff sniff*.

My mother-in-law usually comes down to pass out candy while Tony and I take Molly around. Unfortunately for everyone, she couldn’t make it this year. She was stuck at home with a broken ankle! Hope you are on the mend, Mom! We missed you!

Molly had plans to Trick-or-Treat with Max. Max’s dad was taking him out. I decided to let Tony take Molly so that he and Max’s dad could do some male bonding.

I sat at home, all alone, missing my baby.

Well, not actually alone.

I got a comfy lawn chair and pulled it up to my neighbor’s fire pit and enjoyed their company suffered in sadness as I handed out candy.

I gave Tony instructions to take pictures of Molly while she was Trick-or-Treating. As soon as they got home I downloaded the pictures to see what they did.

This is what I got a lot of:IMG_6848IMG_6849Yes. Pictures of Molly’s back. And Max’s back.

Apparently men don’t know enough to stop periodically, pose the children in believable scenarios and take pictures of their FRONTS!

Here’s a nice blurry one. Tony explained to me that at this point Molly and Max met up with Allison and the real fun began. The three amigos ran from house to house and there was no way to get any clear pictures of them.IMG_6851

Okay, maybe I am being a bit harsh. Here are a couple of good ones.IMG_6852


I guess you could say that the night was a huge success. The kids had a blast, Tony made a new friend, I kept nice and toasty warm by the fire pit, and the pumpkins looked really cool all lit up on the front porch! IMG_6855

Oh, and then there was the candy. Can’t forget about the candy!IMG_6858What more could you ask for?

Except maybe a real Halloween party at school.

Happy Halloween!

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