Friday, October 28, 2011

Max and Molly

Max and Molly get together to play a lot. Max only lives about a half a block away, so it’s pretty easy to arrange. But it’s more than just convenient. They love playing together.

In many ways Molly would rather hang with the boys. Don’t get me wrong, she is still my girly-girl. Has to be in a dress. Has to have the hair fixed just so. Hair pretties and shoes must coordinate with the outfit. 

But she loves to play like a boy. Loves to chase. Loves to race. Loves to tumble. Loves to climb.

It’s always interesting to see her in a mixed group of kids. Most of the time she will still align herself with the girls, but I see her looking longingly at the boys, jealous of them chasing and yelling while the girls are acting more refined.

But I digress, once again….

So anyway, Max’s mom and I  provide lots of opportunities for them to play with each other. Which also gives us lots of opportunities to be with another adult having conversations about, well, our kids.

A couple of days ago Max came over to play and they asked me to take pictures. Who am I to refuse!

Max and Molly playing with play dough.IMG_6785


Molly wanted her picture taken with some of her creations…IMG_6786

So of course, Max wanted one with his!IMG_6787

Play dough lasted a little while but soon, the kids were running around the house chasing and screaming. We decided that it was time to head outside.

They screamed and chased each other for a while, then decided to build a nest out of pine needles. Yes, those stupid pine needles that need to be raked. Again. Lame evergreens, that don’t stay green.

How cute are they sitting in their nest?IMG_6788IMG_6790

Of course Molly wanted a picture alone in the nest.IMG_6791

Which prompted Max to ask for a picture alone in the nest.IMG_6793

Eventually, it was time for Max to go. Of course the kids realized if they begged for more pictures it would lengthen their time together so that's what they did. And they made themselves look so darn cute that their evil plan worked. IMG_6794At least for a while.

Finally, Max did return home. Both kids moped, said their sad goodbyes….and then saw each other 20 minutes later at the bus stop!

Silly kids.

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