Thursday, October 27, 2011

Down on the Farm

Going to the pumpkin farm this year made me just a wee bit melancholy.

You see, we have gone to the same pumpkin patch since Molly was a year old. We rode the same hay ride, petted the same goats, stuck our heads through the same scarecrow cut-outs, ate the same kettle corn, and took a picture by the How Tall This Fall sign.

It’s the How Tall This Fall sign that really got to me. No picture by the How Tall This Fall sign to add to the collection this year. The end of an era—okay it was a very short era—but it’s still the end.

I had to settle for a picture by the fireplace instead. Just not the same. Boo Hoo.IMG_6670

Determined not to wallow in pity, we selected a new farm to visit and headed out with anticipation and enthusiasm. Most of the enthusiasm was displayed by Molly. She’s like that, you know. Makes me wish I was five again.

So we arrive at the farm and step up to an admission booth. Admission booth? Our old farm was FREE. This farm cost $9. Each. Regardless of age. Do the math—that’s $27 just to get in the gate! IMG_6720

Once inside, the farm had some of the same things our old farm had. There were cut-out pictures that we could put our heads through…IMG_6723IMG_6725

…and some fun little things to play on like this barrel swing.IMG_6726

They had this big bouncy bubble thing that was pretty fun. For a five year old.IMG_6730Not so much for a forty-seven year old. But Molly didn’t mind jumping by herself for a bit while I looked for some Dramamine.IMG_6737

Molly got to ride the cow train.IMG_6738IMG_6739

And pose for some more pictures in cut outs.IMG_6742

We found our way through the corn maze. We picked the kid version instead of the adult one. The kid’s maze had alphabet letters to help you get out.IMG_6744Good thing because with my sense of direction, it would have taken us week to find our way out of the bigger one. IMG_6745

We took the hay ride…. IMG_6748IMG_6751IMG_6753IMG_6755

….that got us to the pumpkin patch.IMG_6756For 27 bucks one would think that you would get a free pumpkin or something, right? Nope. Pony up another 8 bucks for a pumpkin.

Still more to do! Molly played at the playground…IMG_6761IMG_6765IMG_6769IMG_6770

And visited the animals.IMG_6772IMG_6779IMG_6781

One final stop at the water pumps. You pump water and make your rubber ducky swim to the end of the trough. Now that’s worth the price of admission right there. (note the sarcasm).IMG_6784

They say the best things in life are free. I’d say they are exactly right, at least when it comes to pumpkin patches. Our old pumpkin patch didn’t cost a penny (well except for the modestly priced pumpkins) and was way more fun. It was more farm and less amusement park. And it had a How Tall This Fall sign.

Oh well, live and learn. Next year we’ll try a different place.

The important thing, I guess, is that Molly did have fun at the new pumpkin farm. And we did come home with a $35 pumpkin. Just saying!

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