Monday, October 10, 2011

Make New Friends But Keep the Old

Remember that old song from Girl Scouts? Well, since we moved to a new town, we’ve been living it. Our neighbors behind us have seven kids and our next door neighbors have a little boy Molly’s age.

But that’s not all. Now that Molly has started Kindergarten we have met lots of kids in the neighborhood, all within walking distance. It’s a dream come true for our little socialite.

Molly hasn’t always been this social. Sure, she’s always had friends but there was an obvious change in her that happened around five. Friends became extremely important.

She would rather be playing with friends than anything else in the world. It even nudges out princesses. *gasp*

Of course, if her friends want to play princess, she’s not one to argue!

Here’s Molly and her best buddy Max. Max and Molly are in the same Kindergarten class and just love each other. She hasn’t talked him into playing princess…yet! IMG_4022

Molly, Max and Riley. Molly met Riley on the school bus. Who knew that the Kindergarten bus was a place to conduct social networking!IMG_4021

Of course, we can’t forget our old friends. We make the drive up to see them pretty regularly, too.

Here’s Alex, Molly and Abby eating giant slices of pizza on one of our recent trips. Frightening thing is, all three girls finished their slices…and are still as skinny as ever. I just looked at the pizza and my butt grew two sizes. So unfair!IMG_4062

Molly recently “made friends” with a new park in town and has proclaimed it her favorite! There’s a rope tower…IMG_4065

and this wacky thing that you stand on and lean…IMG_4067

…which causes you to spin around in nauseating circles. Only fun if you are a kid. Trust me, I tried it. Definitely not fun!IMG_4071

Molly was a little scared of this slide,and I can’t blame her. Umm, what happened to the sides?IMG_4073

But with a little help from Daddy, she soon had it mastered and is scared no more.IMG_4074

Playing bongos.IMG_4075

Swinging on monkey bars.IMG_4076

And sliding down poles.IMG_4077This park has it all.

I am sure we will be back to visit this new friend very often.

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