Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Family Visits Our New Home

My family drove half way across the country to visit us in our new home. They spent a week with us. Before my Dad walked out the door on the last day he said, “I can’t wait to get home and read the blog post about my visit!”

Talk about pressure.

Well I didn’t get the post up by the time you got home, Dad. I was too busy cleaning the mess you all left trying to get back into our normal routine to crank out a post that fast.

But hey, it’s been less than a week since you left, so that’s not too bad. So here it is, Dad. The Great Big Family Visit post:

Since the day we moved into our new home, my parents have been itching to visit. Did they miss their daughter so much that they couldn’t stand it? Were they interested to see their beloved daughter’s new domicile? Were they just dying to visit the Midwest?


They came for one reason, and one reason only:IMG_6692Molly.

Oh sure, they tried to make it seem like they had other motives, but the truth is they came to see Molly. It was totally transparent. Did they shower me, their baby daughter, with love? Did they oooh and ahhh over the house? Did they marvel at the splendor of autumn in the Midwest?


But they did shower Molly with love. They did oooh and aaah over every single thing she did. They did marvel at the splendor of my daughter.

Yeah, yeah. They paid lip service to the former, but it was the latter that they were really here for. See:IMG_6691

Molly was around my parents nonstop and they loved every.single.minute.IMG_6696

I know my parents love me and were glad to see me and my house, but I also know where I rate in the pecking order. And it ain’t numero uno. Not any more.

I can live with that because the person who now tops their list also tops mine!IMG_6694

Basically my daughter ditched me for the week so she could hang with grandma and grandpa, and grandma and grandpa ditched me for Molly. You might think this was a lose-lose for me.


Because my parents weren’t the only ones who made this trip. My sister came to visit me too! I love my sister so very much. And she doesn’t ditch me for the cute little pig-tailed princess.IMG_6715So while my parents were loving on Molly, Michelle and I were going shopping and hanging out and doing other sisterly things. All without the munchkin. Kind of a win-win, if you ask me!

Don’t get me wrong, Molly was able to woo my sister away for a quick game of Candyland while I cooked dinner. Her powers are strong. But I always got my sister back.IMG_6693

Ryan was such a trooper. Not much for him to do here. No kids his age. Not a lot of great sights to interest him, but he never complained. He played with Molly, kept himself occupied on the computer and went to see a few local attractions.

I came to realize on this visit that my little baby nephew is not such a baby anymore. In fact, he just turned 14. It doesn’t seem possible! He wasn’t even a year old at my wedding, and now he’s all grown up. *sniff sniff*

We gave Ryan an impromptu birthday celebration while he was visiting. There were presents… IMG_6698

and a cake with 14 candles.IMG_6702

Unfortunately he had to suffer through the pink napkins and silverware and butterfly birthday plates. It’s all I had on hand. Not to macho, I know, but he didn’t seem to mind. I mean who is gonna complain about cake and presents, right?

At least he was surrounded by his family.IMG_6704IMG_6703IMG_6705IMG_6706IMG_6707

Before I knew it the week was over and the family was packing the car to go back home. Grandma and Grandpa got a last little bit of sugar from their number one.IMG_6710

And the whole family gathered for one last photo op. Except for Tony. Because he took the picture.IMG_6719

Mom, Dad, Michelle and Ryan made it home safe and sound and everything is getting back to normal around here. Well almost. Molly informed me today that she loves Grandma and Grandpa more than me.

I get no respect, I tell ya!

Hope you had fun while you were here family! Miss you! Come back soon. Well not too soon. I need time to win back my daughter’s heart.

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