Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Friends, Doughnut Holes, Chocolate Milk....

...And a Quick Trip to the Park. Pretty much a perfect morning if you are a three-year-old. Heck, it sounds pretty darn good if you are a forty-five-year-old, for that matter!
Last Friday we met two of Molly's friends (Mia and Mia!) and their mommies for breakfast at a local doughnut shop. Kids were at one table, adults at another. Molly thought this was great mainly because she knew that I would be so engrossed in conversation that I would not pay attention to how many doughnut holes she was shoving down her gullet consuming.
"Mmmm, the chocolate ones are the best, don't you agree Mia?"

And since nutrition was out the window, why not suck down as much chocolate milk as possible!
 Ah, the joy of youth. She has no concerns at all about where on her body the doughnut holes and chocolate milk are going to end up. Because they don't end up anywhere. They seem to be metabolized as soon as they enter her esophagus. Yes, I'm insanely jealous.
After breakfast it was time to head to the park to burn off some of that sugar before nap time.
Here's Molly swinging with one Mia:

And here's one of her swinging with the other Mia!
Molly's new favorite activity at the park is sliding down the pole...not for the faint of heart.
First, dangle yourself over an 8 ft drop while you grab the pole...

Next, slide down fireman style...
Add a 360 degree turn for extra style points....
Stick the landing...

Nothin' to it!
Scaling the climbing wall is also great fun.
Heck, why do something safe when there is a potential to make your mom a nervous wreck?

A final goodbye hug with one of the Mias.
(The other Mia left before it occurred to me to take a picture. Sorry Mia!)

Yep, it's great to be three!

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Stacy said...

Such great pictures! Thanks for hanging with us!