Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Do I Love Clothes?

Yes I do!

Welcome to my closet!
Let me preview for you, just a part of the new fall wardrobe!

First we have the Sweet as Candy collection.
This confection themed line is perfect for me...
I'm sweet (most of the time) and well, I love candy!
Can it get any better?

A few of the graphic tees that I will we sporting this fall.
Mom likes the I Heart My Bike shirt. I'm not quite sure why.
Something about the fact that she used to ride a lot. Whatever.

Butterfly camouflage pants. Now that's the epitome of cool!

A few dresses with leggings.
Brown with pink polka dots: my weakness.
I have to buy something with this combination every year.
But take note...I am branching out this year.
Check out the chartreuse!

Lots of mixy-matchy stuff this year.
Makes for a versatile wardrobe, don't you know.

If you are going to buy a striped shirt, you simply must have leggings in every color to match.

Hmmm. More chartreuse. More pink and brown.

A last minute purchase.
You cannot pass up a panda when you find it.
Geez, it's on a bright pink shirt, as well. Bonus!

Jeans and more pink stuff.

Outerwear. Umm, yea...they're pink..too!

Resting up for round two of shopping.
I haven't even begun to shop for shoes. Just sayin'.

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