Friday, August 21, 2009

Today I Feel Silly

This is one of Molly's favorite books.
Today I Feel Silly by Jamie Lee Curtis:
oThe first page reads:
Today I feel silly.
Mom says it's the heat.
I put rouge on the cat
and gloves on my feet.
I ate noodles for breakfast
and pancakes at night.
I dressed like a star
and was quite a sight.
Every time we read this page, we say things like, "Hey, we should do that," or "Man, wouldn't it be fun to do that?" or "Ya know, tomorrow let's do that," or "We really need to remember to do that."
Last week, we finally did it. Well, not the rouge on the cat and gloves on the feet part, but we did do the eating and dressing up part. And coincidentally, it was a really hot day. Lucky us!
For breakfast, I whipped up a big bowl of ramen noodles, some turkey, pineapple and broccoli:
And for dinner it was Molly's special sprinkle pancakes, scrambled eggs and cantaloupe. Of course dressing like a star was required. (Star attire was even worn to our local Dairy Mart/Gas Station when we went out for frozen yogurt after dinner. The things you do for your kids!)o
In case you are wondering what the heck special sprinkle pancakes are, here's a picture:
oTrust me, the look a whole lot more appetizing in person.
Unfortunately this fun food page is not Molly's favorite of the book. Her favorite reads:
Today I am angry. You'd better stay clear.
My face is all pinched up
and red ear to ear.
She practices this one almost daily. Go figure.


Michelle said...

Ha ha!! Those are memories that will last a lifetime.

It was great to see you today. I wish I could have stayed longer, but at least now I'm legal. Got my plates and I'm good to go!

Take care & hope to see you and Molly again soon.

Michelle said...

Love it!!! What a great idea and so much fun!