Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Just the look in Molly’s eyes lets you know how much she adores her father. She thinks that he is the greatest thing on earth. And she’s right, he is. I should know; I married the guy!
When Father’s Day rolled around this year, we knew that a tie, coffee mug or key chain was not going to be good enough for Daddy. What we needed was a craft, into which Molly could pour all of her love for her dada. So, off to the craft store we went.
We decided to make Daddy a stepping stone for the garden. Molly was thrilled when the time came to make it. She did so much of the work herself and was so proud of the finished product. She was even able to keep it a secret until the day she gave it to him. Not bad for a three-year-old.
Here’s Little Miss Molly hard at work, showing you the process for making stepping stone.
Step 1: Pick out your favorite beads to decorate the stone.

Step 2: Pour the concrete into the mold and give it a little juggle. Step 3: Strategically place the glass beads around the perimeter of the stone. Step 4: Stop to admire your handiwork. Step 5: Back to work. Place favorite sparkly beads randomly around the stone—this is a must. You can’t make a proper stepping stone for your father unless it has pretty sparklies. Step 6: Pose for a cute picture:Step 7: Wait for concrete to set up a bit and then press hand into it, leaving a memory that will last a lifetime. Step 8: Give the stepping stone to Daddy and watch his surprised reaction. Step 9: Give him the lame gift that mom picked out. Step 10: Select a location in the garden for the stepping stone. Step 11: Tell Daddy how much you love him.
Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! I wuv you! From Molly (and Mommy, too!)

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