Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Alex!

Molly's friend Alex just turned four, so you know what that means? PARTY!

Molly loves any chance to socialize, but parties are especially fun because they involve all of the following:
  • Friends
  • Games
  • Goody bags
  • And most importantly, cake (something she doesn't get a lot of at home)!
As you age kind of forget about all of the excitement that you felt as a kid. Having a child lets you relive that excitement, so birthday parties are almost as thrilling for me as they are for Molly. Faye outdid herself with her outstanding hostess skills: All of that delicious food--enough for feed an army; Lots of friends and conversation; Kids who were occupied for every second of the day.

Oh, and since its not All About Me, Molly had a great time celebrating with Alex. Take a look...

Alex looking beautiful in her birthday dress.

Molly and Avery eating lunch. Yum!

Enjoying some conversation with Mia.

Singing Happy Birthday to Alex (I love all of the girls' expressions).

Oh yea, did I tell you? Molly enjoyed the cake. I think that she would have licked the plate if it was socially acceptable (read: If mom wouldn't give her the stink eye).

Hey, look! There's all sorts of water fun at this party. Cool!

Which way to the pool?

Hope your birthday was great, Alex. Have fun being a great big four-year-old girl!

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