Monday, January 14, 2013

Toothless Grin

I wish someone would have warned me before we had kids just how traumatizing every childhood milestone would be. It’s not traumatizing to the kids so much. It’s traumatizing to me.

Take teeth, for instance. I sulked when Molly’s two bottom teeth came out. Her baby teeth. Ouch. She’s not a baby anymore. Sniff sniff.

I finally get over that, and what happens? She loses her top teeth. Even more traumatizing.

For me, I mean.

Molly was thrilled. See:IMG_9974On January 11, 2013 my little girl bounced off the bus and happily announcing that she lost her front left tooth at school. She even had a nifty little necklace to hold it.

Reality set in.

Losing the two bottom teeth seems so easy now. You really didn’t see them and the teeth that grew in to replace the baby teeth were kind of small anyway.

But this? This is a different story.IMG_9975No hiding this.

Or this:IMG_9976

While I sulked in the recliner, lamenting the loss of my daughter's childhood, she got busy writing a note to the Tooth Fairy:IMG_9980

Seems that she wants me to keep her teeth as a memento. IMG_9987

Duh! Like I am going to throw them away? I have no clue what I will do with a jar full of baby teeth, but I have no intention of getting rid of them. Weird as that seems.IMG_9990

Now that top tooth #1 was gone and there was no turning back, I was ready for #2 to go, as well. Tooth #2 was really loose and flapped all over the place whenever Molly talked.

It really grossed me out.

Luckily we didn’t have to wait long because tonight Molly twisted, and pulled, and tugged and that loose tooth finally came out.

Now we have the toothless grin and I must admit, as much as I hate this milestone….IMG_9991she does look pretty darn cute!

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