Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Sam Qiao!

Today we celebrated Sam’s 3rd birthday, but it was more like a first birthday, at least for us.

Sam’s second birthday was spent in China. We celebrated with a small cake and a happy birthday song sang by our travel group. But it was the day before we left for the United States. Most of the day was spent packing, checking travel arrangements and saying our goodbyes. Not a proper birthday at all.

This birthday—the 3rd birthday that felt like a 1st birthday--would be different. There would be balloons, and decorations, presents, and family. The day would be all about Sam.

And I would be there with my camera to capture each and every moment.

Of course.

Waking up a three-year-old and getting some cuddle time with Daddy.IMG_9847

A special treat for the birthday boy: watching Thomas on TV from the comfort of Mom and Dad’s bed.IMG_9851

Sam enjoyed some time playing with his Christmas gifts. Having a birthday so close to Christmas, everything still seems new and fun. IMG_9853

Eating breakfast. Sam requested hot cereal with chocolate sprinkles, pineapple and scrambled eggs. And that’s exactly what he got.IMG_9855

Our dear friend Susanne and her son Max stopped by to give Sam his very first gift.IMG_9859

Sam and Max check out the Alphabet Duplo blocks. Which were very cool, by the way.IMG_9860

After a brief visit with Max and Susanne, we loaded up the car and made the drive to Aunt Karen’s.IMG_9863

Upon our arrival, these two little monkeys find the candy dish within minutes.IMG_9864

The day was spent fooling around with cousin Matt…IMG_9866

…getting cuddles from Grandmom…IMG_9869

….and playing Wii with cousin Allison.IMG_9871

Lots of fresh snow outside called for some serious winter gear. For some reason kids think going out in this is fun!IMG_9873

Tony was elected to accompany the crew outdoors while I took pictures from the back deck. And got snowballs launched at me.IMG_9874

After coming inside and warming up, the birthday boy was ready for dinner. We had all of his Chinese favorites. Although Sam has never met a food he didn’t like, Chinese is still what he prefers. Well, that and chocolate.IMG_9875

Digging in. Yum!IMG_9876

Sam’s cake.IMG_9882

Table decorated for the birthday celebration.IMG_9888

And just a few gifts for a very special boy.IMG_9894

Sam has attended enough parties to know what this part is all about. He is just overjoyed that this time HE gets to be the guest of honor.IMG_9898

Getting ready to blow out the candle.IMG_9902

Which he did with his nose. We are still working getting airflow through the lips. Next year he’ll have it for sure!IMG_9903

Getting his first take of his birthday cake.IMG_9908

Molly is excited to join in on this part.IMG_9911

Sam was eager to devour his entire piece of cake. This boy has a giant sweet tooth!IMG_9915

Family photo. Love this!IMG_9920

Having a ‘see food’ moment with Mom.IMG_9923

I’m guessing that Sam approves.IMG_9924

Getting his hands washed by Aunt Karen so he can move on to the next part of the party…IMG_9929

…opening presents!IMG_9931IMG_9934IMG_9942IMG_9944IMG_9947IMG_9952IMG_9953IMG_9957

Before leaving for home, the cousins give Molly and Sam a bubble bath. IMG_9958

Squeaky clean birthday boy.IMG_9960

Unfortunately, all good things must come to and end. But not before a goodbye squeeze from Uncle

Happy 3rd Birthday Sam!  You bring joy to everyone you meet, and brighten the world with your smile. We are forever grateful that you were chosen to be our son. We love you so very much and cannot wait to spend a lifetime of birthdays with you.

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