Monday, January 21, 2013

Hank the Horse Outing

Sam’s preschool class has a mascot named Hank, who is a little stuffed horse. Throughout the school year, each child gets to take Hank home for a week to have all sorts of adventures. At some point Hank is photographed with the child and a brief story of Hanks visit is written. This story and picture become a page in a class book about Hank.

Since Sam had a rocky start to preschool, his teacher decided that maybe a visit from Hank would make his adjustment go more smoothly.


Hank accompanied us to a variety of locations throughout the week. Here is the story that we wrote for Hank’s book:

  • Hank had a lot of exciting adventures while visiting Sam this week. He took numerous trips around the house in Sam’s Tonka trucks, played at the park, and attended a Little Gym class with Sam. Hank and Sam’s favorite activity together was a trip to Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt. They shared a cake batter frozen yogurt topped with M&Ms and little cheese cake bites. Yummy!

And here are some of the photos that we took while at Menchie’s with Hank.

Sam and Hank eating yogurt. Hank got the green spoon and Sam got the brown spoon (which, by the way, is his favorite color).IMG_0016

Sam and Hank pose for a picture.IMG_0018

Hank being a crazy horse!IMG_0020

Here is a couple of Hank’s friends who tagged along on this outing.IMG_0022

Sam and Hank enjoy some deep conversation.IMG_0026

Hank is a bit sloppy so required a bib.IMG_0028

Hank got full so Sam finished the rest of the yogurt all by himself.IMG_0029

The hope was that Sam would be excited about returning to school on Monday so that he could share his story and picture with the class. I’d love to say that the plan worked but, ummm…not so much.

Oh well, Sam thoroughly enjoyed his week with Hank and got an unexpected bowl of frozen yogurt out of it, so it’s not all bad!


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