Monday, August 29, 2011

Would Somebody Please Explain How We Got From Point A to Point B So Quickly?

Remember this day? The day that my chubby-cheeked little girl was placed in my arms for the very first time. Look at her….she’s a BABY.IMG_680How did we go from this ….IMG_3703to this…IMG_3844so darn quickly?

I’m serious. She was a baby yesterday. Really, she was. I know, I’m her mother.

And now she is all grown up.

And we are doing things like this…IMG_3920Shopping for school supplies!

And you know where all that kind of madness leads, don’t you? That’s right. School!

I can’t take it. Really, I can’t.

Today was Molly’s K Orientation. See, I can’t even right the word out yet. I just have to put K. It’s like if I write it down, this whole thing is actually going to happen. Which it isn’t. Because I am going to wake up in a few minutes and get Molly out of her crib and feed her a bottle.

This whole school thing is going to just be a bad dream.

Just wait and see.

Well, okay, maybe it’s not a dream and maybe Molly is going to K, but I don’t have to like it. I hope Molly does though, because if she doesn’t, life is not going to be very much fun for any of us for a while.

Today’s orientation gave me a reason to pause. I’m not sure how the whole idea of school is sitting with Molly.

The day started out just fine. Molly modeled her new backpack…IMG_3922

and her new outfit, and was just a happy as a lark. If larks are indeed happy. I’m not quite sure.IMG_3924

Once we made it to school, the smile became bit more tight-lipped.IMG_3926

And by the time we got to the front door, Molly wouldn’t even smile. IMG_3928

Once we arrived at the orientation, she wanted to sit on my lap. She asked if she could suck her fingers. I told her that K-ers (still can’t write it) sit in their own seats and have to wait until they get home before they can suck their fingers.

Then my heart broke just a little.

But Molly dutifully minded me and then the principal when she was asked to sit up in group for a story. She looked stressed though.IMG_3930

After the meeting with the principal, we were dismissed to the computer lab to work on a craft. Molly wouldn’t look at the camera and had the clenched jaw that told me she was nervous. But she completed the craft as she was instructed. My little trooper.IMG_3931

Here’s another Mollyism: When she is stressed, she picks at her lower lip with her pinky finger. Seriously. She’s done it since she was a baby.IMG_3933

She agreed to smile for this picture, but momma knows this is the pursed-lip smile that indicates trouble’s-a-brewin’.IMG_3935

Next was bus safety class. Molly has loved buses forever. We hunt for busses on the road. We keep tallies of how many busses we see on each car ride. We check to see if the each bus has a boy driver or girl driver. And then we keep a tally of that stat, as well.

This should have been a time of joy for my gal, but she wouldn’t even look at the camera.IMG_3937

She practiced walking to the safe spot….IMG_3940

…with this lovely look of excitement plastered on her face.IMG_3941

Back on the bus, I get another clenched-jaw smile.IMG_3943

After bus safety, we went to Molly’s classroom to meet her teacher. Hard to believe, but I forgot to take a picture there. Molly had to do an assessment in the classroom and I was relegated to the hallway to fill out paperwork. I missed the photo op.

Tomorrow is the first real day of the K-word, and I have to say that I am not quite sure how it will go. Molly was visibly nervous, but she didn’t crack.

When we got home, she drew this picture for her teacher: Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. She even taped a dinosaur to the corner if the picture. The teacher must have made a pretty good impression to warrant such special treatment.IMG_3945

Day one of the K-word could go either way. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Good or bad, I can guarantee that there will be tears tomorrow.


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Anonymous said...

Mine too. The story is just too touchy, I can't believe that my tears drop just by reading at it....