Sunday, August 28, 2011

End of Summer Pool Party

I can’t believe that summer is over. Just a few more days until school starts and then it’s gone. Done. Finished.

Sniff, sniff.

I LOVE summer. Adore it. Live for it. Dream about it. And it is over.


The China Friends playgroup had one last sha-bang before we had to say good-bye to bathing suits and flip flops.

This won’t be a long post because I am in mourning, ya know, about the whole end of summer thing.

Here are the pool party pics:

Molly in her element. She’s a fish, without a doubt.IMG_6525

Trying to climb on the big seal floatie. A challenge, but she mastered it before the party was over.IMG_6527

The whole gang in the drink.IMG_6528

Molly couldn’t drag herself out of the pool to eat dinner with the other kids. She stayed in and swam. Later in the evening, hunger finally overtook her and she came out and asked for food.IMG_6529

Do you think she is having a good time? IMG_6531

More fun!IMG_6532

Special Bonus Material…We recently attended a cookout for Tony’s work. Molly and I made brownies and you-know-who licked the bowl clean.IMG_6533IMG_6534

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