Monday, August 22, 2011

The Long Awaited and Much Anticipated Dinosaur Train Movie!

Molly is a huge fan of Dinosaur Train on PBS. Probably because it is one of two shows that she is allowed to watch. Yes, I am that mom. The one who doesn’t let her kid watch TV. Since she turned 5, I have allowed a few shows to creep in and have tolerated a few DVDs, as well. But not a lot. Much to Molly’s chagrin. But I digress…

Molly is a huge fan of Dinosaur Train. They have been advertising their first ever Dinosaur Train Movie for the past month and Molly has been waiting not-so-patiently for the day to arrive. Today was the day!

The bonus for me was that the movie was on TV. Yes, on TV! That meant that I didn’t have to drive to a theater, pay $20 and listen to other people’s kids misbehave react enthusiastically for the duration of the movie. Score one for PBS. And it’s paid for by viewers like you. Thank You! (Okay, you have to watch PBS Kids to get that joke.)

An additional thrill for Molly was that she got to invite neighbors over to watch the movie with her. At our old house there were no kids that lived around us who were Molly’s age. Playdates were arranged, not a spontaneous thing.

But now all that has changed. At our new house we have a family that lives directly behind us and they have seven, yes seven, kids. Spontaneous play happens on a daily basis now. *Grin*

At the crack of 9:00AM the neighbor kids arrived and the movie viewing commenced. And I got to check my email. Because it wasn’t at the theater, ya know. Love that.

Here’s Molly preparing her interactive Dinosaur Train action figures for the big show.IMG_6512

And here she is smack dab in between her new buddies. Um, are they not the cutest things?IMG_6514

Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for (insert drumroll here) Dinosaur Big City!IMG_6516

Like most movies, it held the kids attention for about 20 minutes.IMG_6517

The Pteranodon Family barely got on the train for the big city before…. IMG_6520the kids proceeded to chase each other around the family room for the rest of the movie.

We waited, lived for, talked about, counted down the days for an entire month to watch the first 20 minutes of an hour long movie, and then lose interest. Sigh. That’s what being 5 years old is all about, I guess.

Side note: In addition to having 7 kids, the neighbors have a rockin’ swing set, which Molly adores. She loves it so much that she drew the neighbors this picture of it and gave it to them. Sometimes kids just melt your heart.IMG_6600Seriously, is my kid the next Renoir, don’t ya think?

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