Monday, April 11, 2011

Dante’s 7th Circle of ….


Well I’m sure you know the rest of this line.

And so do I, because for the past few weeks I felt like I was a visitor to this place. Front row seat.

About two weeks ago, I got pneumonia. Again. Twice in one year. There’s proof right there that life is not fair. It was awful.

This was probably the sickest I have ever been in my life. There are no adjectives to describe it so I won’t even try. Just look at the picture above and you can pretty much figure out how I was feeling.

I probably should have been in the hospital for a few days. There were times that I fantasized how great it would be if I could just check in. For me it would have felt like a Club Med vacation. Morphine drip, inhaled steroids and forced bed rest. Aaaaah.

But I had too much to do to go that route. Think that could have been part of my problem? I kept pushing along with the daily routine, went to a few meetings and delivered Molly to every one of her activities. Oh, yes I did. It wasn’t pretty, but I did it.

I did have a few meltdowns along the way. Ask Tony. I am sure they are etched in his brain. They were that ugly.

Anyhoo,I am glad to say that I turned the corner and am feeling much better. I promise to catch up on my blogging this week. And from now on I am just sayin’ “no” to pneumonia.

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